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When design makes doors

When design makes doors 

DOORS WITH HIDDEN HINGES (ghost doors): This door is sought after for its aesthetic and its construction; composed of profiles of reduced sizes and clean lines, it is paired with transparent panes of varying tones. 

The innovation is the aluminum hinge fitted into the doorjamb; unlike traditional hinges, it is invisible from the front. 

Available in two versions: opening up to 95°: the hinge is contained entirely within the doorjamb, resulting in an uninterrupted line from the front, while in the door opening up to 180°, in addition to being functional, the hinge becomes a decorative element on the doorjamb when the door is closed. 

Both versions are soft-closing and come with a regulation system. 


SWING DOORS: with traditional hinges. A wide selection of profiles is available to the client for their production. 

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