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Technology and digitalization 4.0

It is becoming more and more necessary for companies to interconnect and go digital; companies’ work methods are continually evolving, carried along by the winds of innovation. 

The fourth industrial revolution is also underway in Italy, and we at Plamac completely adhere to this new modus operandi. 

In accordance with industry 4.0 directives, our rolling stock is interconnected to the company computer system. This makes design, systematic surveillance of production, and efficiency management more effective. All of these were fundamental aspects of Plamac’s activity even in the past, and the advent of new technologies have improved them as of late. 

Digitization and computerization have always been two of Plamac’s strong suits. For years, Plamac has invested in technology, machinery, and the training of its own personnel, steadily performing better and becoming a more trustworthy partner, from product quality to punctual delivery. 

Interconnectedness is, and will continue to be, a fundamental characteristic of a company that considers industry 4.0 a starting point for a future that is increasingly technological and interconnected with the outside world.   

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