Plamac Spa

Extruded aluminum products for the design industry.

Plamac, SPA is an Italian company with over 30 years’ experience in the field of mechanical manufacturing and the surface finishing of extruded aluminum products.

In its early years, Plamac’s target market shifted from the household appliance industry to the furniture design industry. 

This change led Plamac to collaborate with some of the most famous architects and designers, to transform their ideas into designs in order to manufacture products that were finished or ready to be assembled. 

For years, Plamac has lived and breathed the culture of Beauty and Made in Italy, which is known and appreciated all over the world.  Plamac combines this culture with its own technical skills in design and production in order to bring functional products with high aesthetic value to life.

In addition to its custom-made designs, Plamac is constantly focused on innovation and quality, using its own ingenuity to develop products while creating a wide range of new products to satisfy the needs and standards of an ever more demanding market.  


In a short:
Producing isn't a cost; it's a style.

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